Let Club Rex bring the museum to you!

Club Rex is proud to offer a variety of programming to the schools in the Golden Horseshoe.  From Extra Curricular Lunch and Afterschool programs to our Curriculum-based Workshops, we bring natural history to life through our unprecedented hands-on access to real museum pieces!  Great as an in-school field trip!  Fantastic for end-of-year assemblies!  A wonderful addition to your funfair or fundraisers!!  Let Club Rex bring the museum to your school!

For Expectations and Connections to the Ontario Curriculum, please email us!

Curriculum Programs & Workshops
Lunch & After School Clubs!

Programs by Grade



​Little Raptors!

Let us start your K's on the right track.  Make science and learning fun by using DINOSAURS!  Our hands-on presentation keeps them interested and our activities will stimulate creative and critical thinking.  Our Fossil Observation Station and Hands-On Dinosaur activities are perfect for small hands and growing minds!

Grade 1 
All about Dinosaurs!
(Life Systems)

Compare prehistoric creatures with animals we know today.  Learn about the needs of all living things and discover what Dinosaurs needed to survive and flourish.  Explore the amazing adaptations and characteristics of these Mesozoic monsters!


Grade 2

From Egg to Adult
(Life Systems)

Explore the life-cycle of a Dinosaur!  Learn all about the nesting habits of Dinosaurs and what good parents they were!  We will also discover the changes in our prehistoric friends during the Mesozoic period.


Grade 3

Mesozoic Landscapes
(Life Systems)

Focus on the herbivorous Dinosaurs and what they ate.  Compare the similarities and differences of plants 165 million years ago to plants we see everyday.


Grade 4

Herds & Packs
(Life Systems)

We will discuss the latest theories on Dinosaur herds and packs, including nesting, migration and hunting. 

Discover how social Dinosaurs actually were!


All About Fossils!
(Earth & Space Systems)

Learn all about the process of fossilization.  What conditions are required?  Where do you find them?  Why can't I find a T.rex in my backyard?!


Grade 6

Mesozoic Biodiversity
(Life Systems)

Explore the biodiversity of the Mesozoic world! 

We will discover how successful the Dinosaurs were at adapting to their environment and learn how they went extinct. 

We shall also explore the many animals that lived with the Dinosaurs and how they survived.


Please note that all of our programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your students or lesson plan.  Let us help you get the most out of what we offer!

With our curriculum-based presentation, we work with you to make sure your students get the most out of what we offer. Let us tailor make your presentation to compliment your lesson-plans and give your students the hands-on experience only Club Rex provides. We will engage your students and encourage critical and creative thinking by using a subject matter that already interests them.

Club Rex is more than just the 'theme' of Dinosaurs.  Let us use our workshops to help illustrate the requirements of your curriculum.  Imagine your student's surprise when we turn your classroom into a dinosaur hall!

You will have a large collection of museum quality dinosaur skulls, teeth, claws and other prehistoric pieces, as well as a number of dinosaur activity stations, in your own school.

But don't take our word for it - here is what the teachers are saying!

"Having Club Rex visit my JK/SK classes was an easy and convenient way to get a museum experience without leaving the school! Alex is passionate and excited about his dinosaurs and the children couldn't help but react to that. He was able to answer all of their questions and is a wealth of information on the subject matter. His child-friendly, interactive & enthusiastic approach and age-appropriate, hands-on activity centres were a big hit. The highlight for the students was the opportunity to actually be able to touch the specimens he brought with him. I would happily recommend the Club Rex program!"
-Tomasina A. JK/SK HWDSB
"I had Club Rex visit my Grade 5/6 class and to say the kids enjoyed it would be an understatement. I have never seen them sit so quietly, thoroughly enraptured by the topics being discussed. My students especially loved being able to touch and examine the replicas of dinosaur bones and teeth. Alex was extremely knowledgable, and was very approachable... the kids had so many questions or comments he could've stayed all day talking to them! The learning centres were enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend the Club Rex program!"

Lorna L. Grade 5/6 teacher, DSBN

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