Pieces of Prehistory

Pieces of Prehistory is where Club Rex started!  A collection of bas relief plaques showcasing prehistoric animals are available to buy or as add-ons to our popular birthday party packages.  We can customize paint jobs and materials to your specification!  Wall mounted, desk top and garden pieces available.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom casting, painting and finishing.

Tyrannosaurus rex Claw 

The perfect add on for our smaller birthday packages or as a small gift/stocking stuffer!  This claw is a life-sized representation of a T.rex's hand claw.
9cm   $25


Trilobites first appeared in Earth's oceans over 520 million years ago!  One of the most successful early animal on the planet disappeared in the "Great Dying", 250 million years ago.  This wall plaque is one of our more popular and features the species Elrathia, found throughout North America.
12cm x 17cm    $45

Coelophysis Skull

Coelophysis was a small, Triassic dinosaur from the dawn of the Mesozoic.  Fast and narrow, this carnivore's fossils have been found through the Ghost Ranch region of Arizona.
9.5cm x 23cm   $45


This plaque portrays a Rhamphorhynchus, a pterosaur whose fossils have been found throughout Europe.  It existed during the Jurassic and likely lived on the ocean, using it's long tail like a rudder and it's angled teeth to catch fish.
33cm x 42cm   $75


This small pterosaur lived in what would become Europe during the Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago.  Pterosaurs are NOT dinosaurs but lived with them in every environment.  They are the first animal to be able to fly and their design is a hard one to improve!
17cm x 25cm   $60
available tints

Allosaurus Garden Skull

This Allosaurus skull is cast from tinted concrete and designed for use in your garden!  Water-proof and weather resistant, this skull sends a message to garden pests!  Based on Allosaurus, the "lion of the Jurassic"!  This large carnivore would have terrified herbivores like Stegosaurus & Diplodocus on the plains of North America.  With the largest gape, this dinosaur's mouth would have been a deadly weapon!
28cm x 58cm   $110

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