Club Rex is proud to share our museum-quality casts with students across Southern Ontario!  Here are a few members of the pack.  All of them are well behaved and have up-to-date shots!

Tinkles the Terrible!

AKA Sabre-tooth Tiger

While not a dinosaur, Tinkles gives a look at what it means to be an apex predator in a different period of Earth's history.

Alice Allosaurus

The lion of the Jurassic is very well behaved with young children despite all those teeth!  A big hit at our Birthday parties, your child can get their photo taken  holding this huge theropod!

Tank the Ankylosaurus

We call this guy the T.rex killer!  Another big hit with the kids, Tank comes complete with his amazing club tail!  This armoured dinosaur gives us a glimpse at the arms race between dinosaur herbivores and carnivores.

Elvis the Cryolophosaurus

This "cold crested lizard", with his winning smile and fantastic pompadour, is the centre of our collection!  A big hit at our curriculum workshops (Kindergarten and up) as students get an opportunity to get up-close and hands-on with our star carnivore.  

Everyone loves Elvis!

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