Dinosaur Diorama
What you will need: Shoe box, Paint & brush, Small plastic dinosaurs, Construction paper, Glue, glitter, markers & pipe cleaners
Lay your box on its side and use the paint to create a Mesozoic scene. Paint a volcano in the background and use glitter and glue as lava! Pipe cleaners make great trees too! Use your imagination to make your box into a wonderful dinosaur environment. Use your plastic dinosaurs to create a scene from your favourite time period!

Homemade Dinosaur Bones

What you will need: Paper towel tube, Mixing bowl, Flour, Water, Newspaper, Masking tape, Paint & brush
Get an adult to mix 1 cup of flour to 2 cups of water to make your paste. You will want it to be the consistency of thick glue, but runny, not thick. Wad up sheets of newspaper into 2 balls and tape a ball at each end of your cardboard tube. Tear strips of newspaper (you will need a lot!) and dip them one at a time in the paste. Completely cover your "bone" with newspaper and paste, even the ends, and allow it to dry. Once dry, paint your bone. Keep in mind that many dinosaur fossils are dark brown not white. Try using different combinations of colours!

Coffee Ground Fossils

How to make your own fossils overnight!
What you will need: 1 cup of used coffee grounds, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of cold coffee, 1/2 cup of salt, Waxed paper, Mixing bowl, Dull butter knife, Small items to make impressions (leftover chicken bones, shells, leaves, toy dinosaurs, peanut/walnut shells etc.)
In the mixing bowl, combine coffee grounds, flour, cold coffee and salt. Mix well! Knead the dough and spread it out flat on the wax paper. Using the dull knife, cut pieces large enough to fit your "fossil" item. Press them firmly into the dough. Remove the item to reveal your fossil impression. Let it dry overnight.


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